Payments and Entry Fee Rules

ENTRY FEE OF £30 allows you to compete for fun in as many seasons and different NI Soccer leagues as you wish. This fee is a one off payment and will only be recharged if your team drops out and re-joins again for any reason. A new team will now be required to pay the entry fee via PayPal on this site or at an arranged match night by cash.
Any team who has a “no show” during their first season will be released from the league and forfeit their entry fee unless the match fee is paid.
Games will not commence until both teams have paid their match fee.
This is the responsibility of the team manager/organiser/captain.
Teams unable to fulfil a fixture must give a minimum of a week’s notice and pay half of the normal match fee [£17.50] and the opposition are awarded a 3-0 victory.
NO SHOWS! If a team” no shows” without due notice of 48/72 hours they will be charged full match fee and a 3-0 win will be awarded to their opponent. The team that does not show will also be deducted a further 3 points if the match fee is not paid in full by either cash or bank transfer before there next match. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTION TO THIS RULE. To demonstrate their future commitment teams that have a no show may be required to pay their match fees in advance. Also any team with two unauthorised no shows or more in one season will be automatically be released from the league.
Teams who fail to pay attention to the rules will be required to sign up to the code of conduct and provide a squad list with secondary contacts.

On the Pitch RULES

As part of a strict NI Soccer Policy, we would like to remind all teams to ensure that their players have NO METAL FOOTWARE. This is damaging pitches and also causing injuries to players. Any player wearing metal studs or blades will be (1) Refused the right to play, (2) Banned from the leagues and (3) Their team fined £20. Team captains please note that you may be deemed to have a duty of care to the players you captain and therefore may be held to account if a team member injures themselves or others while wearing metal studs.
Players must at all times show respect and courtesy towards staff members of the facilities that we use. Any team who does not adhere to this will cause their team to be released from the League.
Smoking on or around the pitch is strictly prohibited, players are reminded that this against the law, and any individual breaking this rule will be subject to a maximum of a £2500 fine from the government and will also be asked to leave the leagues.
NO SLIDE TACKLES! . With immediate effect there will be a new rule in place for slide tackles. A “sin bin” will be issued for any player committing two slide tackles where he doesn’t hit the other player. Players who slide tackle and touch the other player will be sin binned automatically.  A direct free kick will be given to the opposition when this offence is committed against them.

Goal keepers are allowed to slide sideways only. Obviously if fouls connects with the player a penalty will be awarded.

NI Soccer utilises sin bins rather than yellow and red cards sin bins are usually 2 and 4 minutes or the rest of the match for extreme unsporting behaviour or any violent conduct.
Aggressive behaviour will result in the offender being sent off for the remainder of the match and depending on the severity of the offence a £20 fine may be levied. A penalty kick may also be awarded regardless of the position of the incident.
Conduct which the referee views as unsporting will result in the player being “sin binned” and/or a direct free kick being given to the opposition.
All free kicks are direct.
Opponents must give the players taking a free kick, corner or side ball 4 Yards.
Teams are expected to have their own kits/matching colours and failure to do so could result in a points deduction.
Teams must supply their own match ball.
Each match will last 40 Minutes, time depending.
Teams that are over 5 minutes late for their K.O. will start one goal down as they are penalising the team that showed on time with getting a full 40 minute match (unless there is pitch time to run over). The team must still pay the full match fee as normal.
When the ball passes the side lines of the pitch this does not have to be thrown into play, it may be kicked. You may also score directly from a kick-in so keepers stay alert!
Substitutions MUST take place behind your own goal line!
The referees decision is FINAL.


.Kit bags heavy or sharp objects on the pitch.
.Drinks, food or chewing gum on and around the pitch.
.Bottles or cans on or around the pitch.
.Dogs or other animals on or around the pitch.
.Bikes, scooters on or around the pitch.
.Consumption of alcohol on or around the pitch.
Also please be aware of each of our different venues rules and regulations by reading them on the notice boards.

League Substitutions and Final Deciding Rules

Teams may have as many substitute players and make as many substitutions as needed [rolling subs] from their own squad list. Only a max of 2 players from another team can be used up to the MAX 6 Players on the pitch. You can not use players outside your squad list to boost sub numbers. Example table below:

Your Squad has:
Other players:
Total Players
3 Players
+2 (Max)
4 Players
+2 (Max)
5 Players
+1 (Max)
6 Players
7 Players
8 Players

The advantage is with the opposing team if they want to let you use more than 2 players from another team e.g. you have 3 players + 2 others = 5. The other team can let you play 3 + 3 = 6 only if they agree to it before kick-off and inform the ref of their decision to keep it a competitive 6 vs. 6 game.

You can only be in a max 2 squad lists per league table! You could be in 2 Friday & 2 Sunday league squad lists as they would be different leagues.
e.g. Team 1 & Team 2 out of (say 12 Teams in the league).

In cup competitions if a match is drawn in normal time, sudden death penalties will decide the match result.
If teams finish level on points, best head-to-head results will decide their final positions. If the game in question was a draw goal difference will be the method used, otherwise attacking goals scored will decide.